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Spring sunrise from the studio.

All my sculptures start with a lengthy design process evolving over many weeks using the lightbox and layout paper to meticulously refine curve, line and expression.

'Bastion'  Barn Owl  drawing  by Anthony Theakston
Bastion Carving . Barn Owl sculpture. Detail . Anthiny theakston Anthony Theakston

'Bastion'.  2019

Drawing for Bastion . Anthony Theakston
Early stages of Bastion Barn owl sculpture Anthony Theakston 2019.

After realising a design on paper I trace and transfer the drawing onto a solid block of plaster and begin the carving process with chisels, saws and surforms and files until I'm happy with a form from which I can take a mould to cast a ceramic edition,  and as with many recent works also cast an edition in bronze.

'Bastion' ceramic sculptures awaiting glaze  firing

Overlooking ancient Cherry trees in the orchard from the studio.... the seasons never pass unnoticed and are always appreciated.

Biscuit fired  'Bastion' ceramic casts glazed and awaiting their second firing.

'Bastion' Ceramic sculpture by Anthony Theakston 2019.

'Bastion' in Porcelain Ceramic.

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